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When can the Customer update the housing grant data?
All applications registered in the Establishment may be updated to 31/12/2016
Are the single women entitled to apply for housing units?
the single women of individual cases can submit in the event of parental death and having no home to stay in.
Can the Customer convert a grant application to a housing loan?
Yes, provided that the conditions of the Establishment are met for loans, opening a new application and canceling the grant application.
Is age required in the case of applying for a government housing grant?
Age is not required to apply for service, but to meet the specific conditions of service.
What about the future housing grant projects?
the future projects are as follows (grant / loan / rent):
- Project of (500) houses in the area of Oud al-Mutaina and expected to be completed in the second half of 2018 (noble deed of the President of the State - may Allah protect him).
- Project of (96) apartments in the area of Al Quoz 2, which is expected to be completed in the second half of 2018.
- Project of (398) houses in the area of Oud al-Mutaina and is expected to be completed in the second half of 2019.
- Project of (464) apartments in the area of Muhaisnah and is expected to be completed in the second half of 2019.
- Project of 346 houses in the Hatta area, expected to be completed in the second half of 2019.
There are projects under construction in different areas of the Emirate of Dubai while their completion dates will be announced later.
What is the suitable procedure in case of burning a house?
The house shall be insured against the fire risk during the payment period of the monthly installments. In such case, the Customer shall review the Establishment with the loan number and the fire report issued by the Civil Defense Department
May the Customer sell or lease the Establishment 's premises?
No, the Customer may not dispose of the premises of the Establishment either by selling or renting or by any other method.
If the status of the request is (frozen), what should the Customer do in this regard?
 : The application is frozen due to the Customer 's failure to attend in order to benefit from the service or update the application. The Customer must visit the Establishment to open a new application or apply for another service depending on the situation of the Customer .
Can a husband transfer his land in the name of the wife?
No, He can't.
Can the Customer apply for a residential land grant if the financial ability of a relative is of the first degree?
Yes, provided that a copy of the contractor's passport is presented with signing the building undertaking form within the specified period.
* The form is available in the Customer service department and the website of the Establishment .

How long is the approval for a land grant?
the transaction takes from 4 to 6 months.
If the Customer receives financial approval from Zayed Housing Program, can he apply for a land grant?
Yes, provided that a valid letter of approval from the Zayed Housing Program is submitted with financial approval (new construction).
When can the Customer update the land grant data?
Land grant data is updated immediately if the conditions of the Establishment are met.
Can a husband transfer his land in the name of the wife?
No, He can't.
When does the Customer provide an account statement of 500 thousand as proof of financial ability to apply for a land grant?
A financial estimate of at least AED 500 thousand is provided for the following categories:
• Single person between the ages of 20 to 24 /
• A married person and a single person over the age of 25 if his salary is less than 15,000 dirhams
• Female
• Woman married to a non-citizen
Can the Customer cancel the name of his wife from the map of the plot after the inclusion of her name in the map?
Yes, he can, subject to the consent and attendance of the wife
In the case of the death of the husband or divorce, will you be among the beneficiaries of this house knowing that her name is added on the map?
: In case of death: she will be among the beneficiary heirs.
In case of divorce, the wife can't benefit from the services of the Establishment unless she cancels her name from the map after the decision of the court.
Can the Customer assign a residential land in return for applying for another service?
The assignment of the granted plot may only done for a ready house.
Can the Customer who had an old plot and disposed the same submit an application?

A citizen who disposes the granted land can apply for housing services provided that no housing unit is available for the Customer and he is responsible for a family suffers from a housing problem.
Is the amount of the financial ability (AED 500,000) frozen when applying for a land grant?
No, the amount is not frozen but this proves the financial capacity of the building at the time of submission only.
متى يستطيع المتعامل تحديث بيانات منحة صيانة واضافة؟
There is no waiting list and a new application is created after all conditions are fulfilled.
Can the Customer apply for a maintenance and addition grant to which he bought from a real estate company?
Yes, he can apply for a maintenance and addition grant or loan to his house wherein he stayed and bought it on condition of freezing the disposition of the land for a period of (5) years
Is there a fixed source of income required to apply for a maintenance and addition grant?
Yes, the Customer must have a fixed income to apply for a maintenance and addition grant
Can the Customer apply for a maintenance and addition grant to his rented house?
One of the conditions for applying for a maintenance and addition grant that the house is intended for the residence of the applicant and his family only.
Can the Customer who has a maintenance and addition grant get the contractor and consultant by himself?
Yes, the Customer can bring the contractor and consultant by himself in the event of obtaining approval of the request, and the Customer has to check the Establishment in order to receive the certificate of direct disbursement, which details the grant.
What are the procedures for applying and updating on a construction loan?
In the case of an old application that has not been canceled, the application will be updated immediately upon fulfillment of the remaining conditions of the loan service.
• If no old request:
1. Has a land and starts building, the application is registered without opening Mathkhor account.
2. Has no land, it is required to participate in the Mathkhor account with the fulfillment of all conditions.
What are the terms of benefiting from a construction loan in case of approval?
There is a list of documents required to open the file of the loan disbursement taking into account the condition of the building area, provided that the building area does not exceed 8000 square feet.
When will the Customer open the file of the loan disbursement?
The Customer shall do the loan disbursement procedures in case of approval of the loan and after signing the tripartite contract between the Customer , the contractor and the consultant and issuing a building permit
A Customer who completed the building of the house without receiving any payment from the Establishment ?
In the case of issuing the approval of a construction loan, the Customer can open the file of payment disbursement in full or apply for the self-financing reward (consideration) provided that the certificate of completion does not exceed 6 months.
Can a single person who had an old land grant apply for a construction loan?
Yes ,he can
Can the Customer issue a letter of recent approval for the loan?
The letter of approval is valid for two years from the date and the Customer can renew it by reviewing the Establishment and bring all required documents. If his total salary changes, the Establishment will reschedule the monthly installment.
What is the time period for issuing the approval on a construction loan?
Within 6 months from the date of submission or update.
Can the Customer change the approval of a ready house loan to a construction loan?
Yes, he can change the type of application from a ready house loan to a construction loan and open a land grant file.
Have the construction loan payments been made in the owner's or contractor's account?
The financial payments are transferred to the contractor's account. If the owner agrees with the contractor to transfer the payments to the owner's account, the contractor is required to submit a non-objection letter of transfer payments to the owner's account
How to register contractors in the Establishment ?
First register through the Establishment 's website to obtain a reference number, then review the Establishment by the owner of the company or its representative pursuant to a power of attorney certified by the court, the required documents are reference number, ID card, commercial license and a new building permit. Visit the Customer service department of Counter 13, and finally send a text message or an email with the user name and password so that the contractor can submit payments
When is the payment transferred to the contractor's account?
The payment is transferred after being approved by the Department of Engineering Supervision and transferred to the Accounts Section.
What is meant by retentions?
This is the 10% rate that the Establishment deducts from each payment and is disbursed after issuance of the completion certificate of the villa from the Municipality and includes the following:
Performance bond - 5% of Contractor's share: The owner signs a performance bond form that the contractor completed the construction and connected the water and electricity and the house was delivered without any shortcomings or observations.
Maintenance retentions - 5% for the Owner: pay to the owner as maintenance one year after receiving the house.
How to change the value of the contract or/and the contractor?
review of the Establishment with passport, nationality and ID - Copy of the new tripartite contract - Commercial license for contractor and consultant - Building permit with building signs - Dissolution of the contract with the contractor in case of receiving payments from the Establishment .
What is the procedure for adding a new item or changing a contract item during the construction period?
The Customer should refer to the Establishment with submitting the new tripartite contract.
How can the Customer stop paying the contractor?
The Customer should visit the engineering control department and file a complaint or send a letter from the consultant regarding the reasons for stopping the payment or when sending an SMS by the Establishment to the owner to resend the message refusing to make the payment.
When is the monthly deduction for construction loan beneficiaries started?
The monthly deduction starts after 18 months from issuing building signs or immediately after the issuance of the completion certificate, whichever is earlier.
How can the Customer follow the contractor's payments?
The Establishment sends text SMS to the owner in the event of any new and the owner can agree to pay the contractor by responding its approval on the text messages + website.
Can a Customer who has a land grant and pledge not to claim a loan in the future apply for a construction loan?
The application is available if the conditions of application are met and the completion certificate is not issued by the Municipality. If the building is completed in full, it can apply for the construction loan service and benefit from Consideration reward which requires the completion certificate doesn’t exceed 6 months.
What is the value of the maintenance and addition loan? What is the value of replacement?
The value of the maintenance loan and the addition does not exceed 300,000 dirhams and the remaining amount is owned by the owner provided the total value of the maintenance does not exceed one million dirhams, and the replacement value is 750,000 dirhams.
The Customer is applied for a housing loan in the Establishment ; can he apply for a loan for maintenance and addition?
He can apply and in this case he has two loans, provided that 5 years for the addition and 10 years for maintenance are passed.
Can the Customer benefit from the maintenance and addition loan in case of indebtedness?
Yes, he can benefit provided that all his monthly deductions in addition to the deduction of the Establishment shall not exceed 70% of the total monthly income
What are the maintenance and addition loan procedures?
In the case of issuing the approval of the application, the Customer must agree with the contractor and consultant to determine the maintenance value required for the housing and sign the tripartite contract and then do the procedures of disbursement of the loan by visiting the Establishment .
What is the issuance period for the approval of the maintenance and addition loan?
Approximately 6 months.
Are there contracting companies accredited by the Establishment ?
There are no companies accredited with the Establishment and the Customer has to provide a contracting company.
What is the maximum salary for applying for the Establishment loans?
The Customer can't apply for housing loans if the salary is above AED 100,000.
What is UAE PASS?
UAE PASS is your personal digital identity for secure identification. It is an easy and safe service that will give you access to various signature and authentication services within the United Arab Emirates.
What do I need to register with UAE PASS?
To register with UAEPASS, download the UAEPASS application, and sign up in three easy steps. Visiting the kiosk is only required to complete the final verification step for enabling digital signing
Where can I find a Kiosk?
Kiosks are distributed across the UAE, find the kiosk closest to your location at
Do I need to pay for this service?
There is no charge to register and use the UAE Pass service.
What are the available UAE Pass registration channels?
Registration is only possible through the UAE Pass application. You can create a new account, or migrate from an existing Dubai ID or SmartPass account.
Do I need to download and install the UAE Pass app to use services with UAE Pass?
Yes, it is required.
Are my signatures legally valid under UAE LAW?
The UAE Pass signature is legally binding, and is equally valid to a written signature.
Are my electronic signatures secure?
The entire UAE Pass Infrastructure is a secure environment with various security measures put in place to protect your identity and signature.
What are the security features of the digital signature?
UAE Pass relies on a national PKI that utilizes industry standard signing certificates. Secure storage of the keys is done through SE/TEE on the mobile and through a cloud based HSM.
What are the security measures I should ensure while using UAE Pass?
Never share your pin or password with anyone, ensure that authorization notifications are coming from legitimate sources that you know.
What is UAE Pass help desk number?
What should I do when I lose my device?
If you lose your device, please contact the helpdesk at 600.560.000 immediately and a service agent will help you to disable your UAE PASS certificates.
Will my UAE PASS expire? How do I know when my Mobile ID or Signing ID will expire?
UAE PASS has a Mobile ID lifetime of 1 year from enrollment. Your Signing ID has a lifetime of 3 years.Your Mobile ID and Signing ID information can be viewed on the self-service portal. Alternatively, your Mobile ID expiration date can be viewed from the main page of the UAE PASS mobile application.

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