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 Strategic Document of Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing 2015-2020


Our Vision​​

​​Housing for every citizen

Our Message​​​

​To ensure citizens’ happiness and improve their quality of life by implementing innovative, diverse and flexible solutions so as to create a balance between high quality and sustainability under distinguished leadership, creative human talents and smart systems.

Our Values

  1.  ​​Pioneering
  2. Governance and transparency
  3. Social responsibility
  4. Customer Happiness 
  5. Upscale  corporate culture​

Establishment's Objectives

In the strategy of 2015-2020 The Establishment strives to align its objectives with Dubai Government 2012 and that is to make Dubai the best place for living. This aligning engulfs focusing on various strategic points:

  1. ​Strengthen housing policies through providing 15000 versatile housing services by the end of 2020.
  2. Achieve the indicators of national agenda through simplifying procedures and process time to obtain the housing service to 2 years.
  3. Provide smart corporate environment through upgrading internal system and supporting integrating to smart government and of what will deliver government services 24/7.
  4. Supporting response to client satisfaction & requirements and increase happy and positive life and strengthening channels of communication.
  5. Develop government communication and strategic partnerships through offering number of integrated services with affiliates with add value policies.
  6. Satisfy employees  by providing a supportive corporate environment to creativity, ability and qualification development.
  7.  Enforce development & sustainability through meeting client's practical present needs and future requirements for long term availability as well as strive to provide suitable housing for citizens with low cost but efficient and long duration.
  8. Varying financial resourcing to provide self sufficiency through adopting 5 different financing programs up to 2020.​

Strategic Goals​

Perspective Strategic Objective Strategic Goals
Customers Customer Happiness Enhancing responsiveness and ensuring customer happiness
Developing government communication and strategic partnerships

Internal Process

Housing and project

Develop and improve easy housing services Building upscale and integrated residential communities
Streamlining procedures of the loans and grants systems
Providing diverse housing solutions

Internal Process

Organizational Excellence

Smart Corporate Environment Introducing and developing integrated administrative, financial, technological and cognitive systems
Promoting transformation into smart government
Learning & Growth ---- Enhancing human capital performance
Finance --- Promoting sustainable development

Establishment's Services​

  • Housing services
  • Financial services
  • Business sector
  • Smart services

The Establishment

  •  ​Quality Policy​
  • Establishment Strategy
  • Board of Directors
  • CEO Message
  • Establishment Leaders
  • ​Organization Structure
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