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 Management Board

The board of directors is appointed under a resolution from H.H. Ruler. 
The Board of Directors is the higher authority of the Establishment, and it has the power to plan, put the general policies, determine the housing application, and approving the finance programs and the regulations thereof.

For this purpose, the Board has the following powers: 

  • ​Studying the housing applications submitted to the Establishment and issuing the required resolutions.
  • Determining the amount of loans provided by the Establishment.
  • Issuing regulations, bye-laws and resolutions to organize work in the Establishment.
  • Enter contracts with other companies and establishments to execute the housing projects or manage the finance of such projects.
  • Approve the final accounts and the annual budget of the Establishment.
  • The Board consists of chairman, vice chairman, and five members appointed for 3 years.
The Current Board consists of the following members: 

His Excellency Abdulla Abdul Rahman Al Shaibani       – Chairman
Mohammed Abdullah Al Tawhidi                                             - Vice Chairman
Hussain Abdulla Al Shafar                                                           – Member
Ali Mohammed Hassan Al Mutawa                                       – Member
Hamdan Khalifa Al-Shaer                                                           – Member
Omar Sultan Al Mismar                                                               – Member 
Hend Obaid Al Marri                                                                     – Member 
Sami Abdullah Gargash                                                               – Member 

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