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 About Us

Definition & Purpose
​​It is a public governmental establishments of corporate personality, aimin​g at providin​g the appropriate housing to the nationals of the emirate of Dubai, by providing all the​ services related to housing the nationals under one umbrella through the various alternatives, such as granting ​​​residential plots, governmental houses, ready houses, maintaining​ and extending the current houses, giving housing loans as per the policies and standards adopt by the Establishment. 
 The Establishments contributes in stimulating the national economy by executing investment projects and activating the strategic partnerships with the private and public sectors.

Tasks of the Establishment

Building, developing, and executing the housing strategy of the Emirate of Dubai, and issuing the necessary legislations to implement the same in order to achieve the vision and mission of the Establishment and support the vision of the Emirate of Dubai in coordination with the concerned authorities.

Establishing integrated reference database for the houses in the Emirate in order to contribute in building efficient housing strategy and supporting the strategic resolutions related to the future needs of housing.

Preparing the housing, social, economic and environmental studies related to housing in order to determine the future needs of housing and providing the necessary services to the areas which will be development and the areas which were developed recently. 

Providing housing loans for the purpose of purchasing houses from the Establishment or from third parties for the purpose of the special housing, building house on space plot, re-build or extend the current houses, as per the conditions and standards. Granting housing gifts to the entitled persons of limited income, such as: Granting governmental housing, rebuilding and extending the current houses as per the conditions and standards, and granting lease allowance. Designing and managing the execution of housing projects sufficient for the future needs with standard quality as per the approved standards. 

Qualifying and re-developing the urban, rural and desert areas and promoting the developing areas socially, environmentally and improve their living. Meeting the needs of the nationals who are entitled to maintenance works and extension in the Emirate as per the approved standards and conditions. Developing the financial abilities of MRHE and stimulating the national economy and maintaining the available sources.

Developing and supporting the local, gulf, Arab and international relations by participating in the housing conferences and organizations.​​​


​​Achieving the stability and development of the society by providing wide range and easy housing solutions to the nationals and focusing on high quality, effective costs and providing the required services in coordination with the various categories of society, under distinguished leadership, creative talents and developed systems as well as using the best international practices.​​​


 ​Appropriate housing for each national.

Our Values​​​

  • Invention and creation. 
  • Releasing the inventive capabilities. 
  • Transparent high institutional culture. 
  • Special customer care. 
  • Justice and governance. 
  • Integration.
  • Distinguished performance. 
  • Involvement of society. 
  • ​Teamwork. ​

The General Attitudes of the Establishment:​​

​Increasing the number of beneficiaries of the Establishment's housing services. Achieving justice and transparency in providing the housing services. Enhancing cooperation between the local and federal housing schemes. Developing the financial capacities of the Establishment and transforming from paying for the aids and housing services to availing from the granted provisions and increase the capability for sustainability and stimulating the national economy. Qualifying and developing the urban, rural and desert areas and developing the undeveloped areas. Developing and supporting the local, gulf, Arab and international relations in the fields of housing. Applying the governmental distinction standards as per the distinguish form in the Emirate of Dubai.​

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