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 Executive Regulations


Executive List


Executive Board resolution (5) year 2014

To issue executive list for law (4) year 2011 regarding Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment,  
We Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince, CEO of the Board. 
After reviewing law (3) for 2003 in regards of forming an Executive board for Dubai Emirate and to law (4) year 2011 for the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment, we decided the following:


 Item (1)

 The following references are for words and sentences stated in the law unless the context is indicating otherwise.

The Country:               ​                           The Emirates
The Emirate:                                          Dubai Emirate
The Ruler:                                               His Highness ruler if Dubai
The Government:                                Dubai Government
Board of Directors:                              The Emirate board of directors
The Law:                                                 Law (4) year 2011 regarding the Establishment
The Establishment:                            Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment
The Board:                                             The Establishment's board of directors
The Director:                                         Head of the Board
The CEO:                                                The Establishment's CEO
Housing Services:                               The various housing solutions offered by the Establishment including land grants, constructing houses, cash grants or loans to build houses or to cover their  maintenance, additions or destruction of existing houses or allocating ready units in the residential complexes owned by the Establishment, or leasing houses or any other solution decided by the board
Land grant:                                          Empty residential land given by the Establishment to the beneficiary.
New Housing grant:                          Housing unit given by the Establishment to the beneficiary.


Demolition:                                          Rebuilding deteriorating house
The Beneficiary:                                 The average person that obtains a housing service as per the terms of this law.
The User                                               The average person that can obtain a ready house grant without being an owner.
The Applicant                                      The average person that applies to the Establishment to obtain any of the services male or female.
Monthly Income:                               Total sum of money notes or stock that the beneficiary receives excluding the financial aid that is received monthly from any other source the Establishment decides.
Low income sector:                           All whom receives a monthly income lower than what the Board decided as per the related designated entity. 
Financial supporter:                           All whom religiously, legally or a court law to financially support a wife or parents   or relatives or siblings and provide a suitable home for them.
Heirs                                                       The heirs of the beneficiary or applicant.
Citizen                                                    All whom that hold a civil record and passport issued from the Emirates male or  female. 
The year                                                Gregorian year


Housing Services Types
Item (2)

The Establishment offers the following housing options:
  1. Residential land grant.
  2. Ready housing grant.
  3. Maintenance, addition & demolition grant.
  4. Building house loan.
  5. Ready housing purchase loan.
  6.  Maintenance, addition & demolition loan.
  7. Ready housing sale.
  8. Any other housing services decided by the Board.

Housing Services value

Item (3)

1. The housing services financial value is estimated according to:

  1. Building housing loan or ready housing purchase loan or complete demolition loan or grant of a sum not more than 750,000 AED.
  2. Maintenance and demolition loan or grant or partial of an amount no more than 300,000AED.

2. The board reviews the financial sums for the housing services stated above according to the
economic situation in emirates at the period and real estate market value and submit the required recommendations to the executive board for decision in this regards. 

Applicant Conditions

Item (4)

​​It is for whomever applies to housing services to:
    1. Be a citizen.
    2. Him or his spouse has not benefited previously from any housing services by any governmental entity federal or local excluding the residential land grants the Board decides its size, and loans and grants dedicated for maintenance, addition or demolition and housing services and loans given through his employment or any other cases the Board decided to exclude.
  1. To submit full documentation and certificates requested by the Establishment.

Residential Land Grant Conditions
Item (5)

In addition to the stated conditions in Item (4) of this resolution, it is imperative to whom applies for this grant to submit:
  1. Proof of financial ability to build if he is single 20-25 years of age.
  2. Proof of financial ability to build or has monthly income if he is a financial supporter regardless of age or single more than 25 years old.
Proof of financial ability to build for females if divorced, widow and has a son or more in her custody living with her.


Beneficiary's Obligations of Residential Housing land grant
Item (6)

With consideration to unfortunate situations and unforeseen conditions, the beneficiary is committed after receiving the grant to immediately start building within the period outlined by the Board not more than a year.

Ready Housing Grant Conditions

Item (7)

In addition to the conditions listed in Item (4) of this resolution applying to this grant to:
  1. To be a financial supporter.
  2. To be of low income sector.
  3. To submit to the Establishment any previous granted land that is empty or a contract of agreement of exchange of the grant in case of any is present.
  4. To abide by the terms and regulations applied by the Board to benefit from the ready house.
  5. To Commit to living in the new housing within the period outlined by the CEO or whom he delegates and to continue to occupy it and the Board can decide to withdraw the new housing and give to another beneficiary if this is violated.
  6. Not to own another suitable house for his family.

Eligible Categories to Ready Housing Grants
Item (8)

The Establishment offers this service to:

  1. ​Males: financially supporting spouses or relative of second degree living with.
  2. Females: widows or divorced and has a son or more living with her.
  3. Aside of what is stated in the above female condition that it may be allowed to be granted this service to widows or divorced or non-married in case of having no financial supporter or a suitable house to live in and will be granted a house within the conditions decided by the Board.


Maintenance, addition or demolition Grant Conditions
Item (9)

In addition to the conditions stated in Item (4) of this resolution, for the applicant to this service to:
  1. To be of low income sector.
  2. Housing needs the maintaining works as per the technical and social evaluation report by the Establishment.
  3. The requested works are on residential buildings on land registered under the applicant's name as an owner or beneficiary.
  4. The construction is not less than 10 years of date of construction for the housing where the works are requested.
  5. The application is for essential construction not decorative purposes.
  6. The housing is in co-ordinance with the construction regulations and the Establishment rules and guidelines as per the concerned authorities.
  7. The housing isn't partially or fully leased or used for any other purposes other than residential for him and his family.
With regards to (1) in Item (3) of this resolution, the applicant can combine between maintenance, addition and demolition works

Beneficiary's Obligation to Housing Construction Loan
Item (12)

The Beneficiary commits after receiving the approval for this service to immediately start constructing within the period decided by the Board given it is not less than a year and the Board or whom it delegates can extend the period if there are valid reasons and the Board may cancel the approval.


Conditions to Obtain Ready Housing Purchase Loan
Item (13)

In addition to the terms listed in item (4), the applicant is prepared for the following:
  1. Not from low income sector.
  2. Monthly deduction from monthly income for the loan or others to exceed the amount set by the Board.
  3. To be a financial supporter.
  4. Not to be younger than 21 or older than the age set me by the Board.
  5. To submit to the Establishment, the granted residential empty land given to him or a written agreement to exchange the loan for the land grant or any of which.
  6. To abide by the terms and conditions and regulations of the Establishment to obtain a ready housing.


Obtaining Maintenance, addition or demolition Loan Conditions
Item (14)

In addition to the terms listed in item (4), the applicant should be prepared for the following:
  1. To fully meet the terms in item (2) to (7) of (1 - 9) of this resolution.
  2. The housing stands on a granted land or registered deed.
  3. To have a monthly income.

House failing to Maintenance, addition or demolition works
Item (15)

If the technical report to the Board showed that the housing is not fit for these services, the applicant will obtain a housing substitute to fit his needs making sure it fulfills all conditions to obtaining ready housing grant. And in this case, the Board has the right to retrieve back the land where the unfit housing is on if it is a grant.


Ready houses of the Establishment purchase conditions
Item (16)

The Establishment can sell its ready houses units to applicant with the following conditions:
  1. To be a citizen.
  2. To be a financial supporter for males and divorced or widow for females and has a child or more in her care and living with her.
  3. Applicant is at least 21 years of age.​

Loan Payments
Item (17)

The release of the loan will be as:
    1. Full amount to the seller of the new house.
    2. Installments to the contractor as per (construction/demolition/addition/maintenance). progress

Loan Collection
Item (18)

  1. The Board decided the monthly payment plan upon the CEO evaluation of the beneficiary capacity.
  2. The loan is collected after registering it in the beneficiary account at the Establishment according to:

    First deduction of housing loan/construction/demolition/addition/ maintenance, at the first of month from the date of housing loan payment.

    Ready housing loan payment will start at the beginning of the month the follows, from date of beneficiary receiving the house. 

Loan eligibility
Item (19)

  1. The Board or whomever delegates it to evaluate the applicant's need for the housing service along completing the necessary documents to consider the following:
    1. ​​How much the applicant's current housing is meeting his needs in terms of size, number of rooms for family members and security.
    2. Percentage of ownership to the current housing and partners in the ownership and their  relationships and numbers.
    3. The applicant's ownership to another housing suitable for the family.
    4. Financial ability to fulfill the housing needs.Applicant and his children age and their social status, economical status and level of benefiting of housing services.
    5. The condition of the area they reside in from a social and health aspect.
  2. ​​​The Board according to the cases in point (1) to apply the following:       
    1. ​Refuse the application.
    2. Change the service as per the applicant's need.

Other Housing Services accepted by the Establishment
Item (20)

  1. The Establishment accepts the housing service application forms for the following cases:
    1. ​Citizens married to more than one wife.
    2. Female citizens married to non-citizens.
      3. Humanitarian situations.
      4. Any other cases approved by the Board.
  2. The Board finalized the conditions and requirements to obtain the housing services for the stated cases above.
  3. The CEO endorses the required cases' applications stated in (1) to the board to consider.


Applicant's Obligations
Item (21)

The applicant must obtain the board's approval to benefit from the housing services by signing the contracts and guarantees and supply the necessary documents during the designated period for him by the Establishment. And the Establishment has the authority to eliminate the name of the beneficiary or the late one from the service access eligibility until he completes all documents.


Housing Service withdrawal processes
Item (22)

The Board should apply the following steps with the beneficiary prior issuing a decision to withdraw the housing service:
  1. Written warning notification.
  2. Final written warning notification.
  3. Liaise with concerning entities to cut dewa and tel services and any other services.​

Adding other conditions
Item (23)

The Board may add new conditions to the listed ones under this law of housing services upon its releasing new resolution in its regards.

Aids of Governmental institutes
Item (24)

In order to execute the rules of this law, the Establishment may have the aid of governmental institutes at the Emirate, including the police, Dubai municipality and Dewa and these entities shall offer help and services and support required as prompt as possible upon request.

Rules & Regulations issuance
Item (25)

The Board issues the rules and regulations required to execute the laws of this resolution which includes:
  1. Owning land and real estate and leasing it, renting it with the concerning authorities.
  2. Conditions if benefiting of the ready housing.
  3. Parameters and permissions of transactions allowed to the beneficiatry of the houses and granted lands or to the heirs in terms of usage.
  4. Priority situations to be reviewed by the regarding committees to consider housing services requests.
  5. Forms and documents and procccess required to submit the requests for consideration.
  6. Conditions of changing the housing request.
  7. Violations regarding constructing the houses, leasing it, abanding it and change the purpose itäs intended for.

Validity and publication
Item (26)

This resolution is effective from date of release and published in official newsletter.


Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Dubai Crown Prince

Head of Board of Directors

Issued in Dubai 25 February 2014 G

24 Rabih Al Thani 1435 H

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