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 Organization Law

​Rules and Regulations


Establishment's Law

​Law number (4) year 2011 regarding Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment

Name of Law 

Item (1)

This law is called "Law of Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment number (4) for year 2011"



Item (2)

The following references are for words and sentences stated in the law unless the context is indicating otherwise.

The Emirate            Dubai Emirate

The Ruler                His Highness ruler if Dubai

The Government     Dubai Government

Board of Directors   The Emirate board of directors

The Establishment   Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment

The Board                The Establishment's board of directors

The Director             Head of the Board

The CEO                  The Establishment's CEO

Housing Services     The various housing solutions offered by the Establishment including land grants, constructing houses, cash grants or loans to build houses or to cover their maintenance, additions or destruction of existing houses or allocating ready units in the residential complexes owned by the Establishment, or leasing houses or any other solution decided by the board

The Beneficiary        Whomever gets a housing service as per the terms of this law.

Law Application   

Item (3)

​This law is applicable to "Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment" established according to law No. 20 of year 2006 as it is regarded as a public company exercising the characteristic and qualification considerable to execute all processes and operations that will accomplish its objectives.


Establishment's Head quarters

Item (4)

Headquarters of the Establishment is in the city of Dubai.


Establishments' Objectives

Item (5)

The Establishment aims to contribute to housing solutions to eligible beneficiaries as per priority and as per their requirements to ensure a dignified life as well as maintaining the residence complexes qualities and benefits it is constructing.


Establishments' Commitments

Item (6)

For the Establishment to achieve its goals, to apply the following commitments and authority: 


  1. Residential land grants for beneficiaries
  2. Construction of houses and residential complexes to be allocated to beneficiaries
  3. Renting houses to beneficiaries
  4. Providing loans and financial grants for the purposes of building or buying houses or to cover the cost of maintenance, addition to or replacement of existing houses.
  5. Rehabilitation of existing citizens' houses in old areas of the emirate for the purposes of retaining the population in the same area, and improving its housing services. And to do what it deems appropriate in these areas like purchasing of houses or owning or rebuilding or repairing houses in coordination with the concerned government authorities.
  6. Take possession of lands and real estate; constructing, leasing and renting them.
  7. The designing and implementation of units and residential complexes for housing beneficiaries, either by itself or through organizations and companies that are contracted with for this purpose. In addition to the designing and implementation of the needed utilities services to these units and complexes in coordination with the concerned government authorities.
  8. Establishing organizations and companies that are aligned with the establishment’s goals, which also includes the construction of houses, maintenance and restoration works.
  9. Managing the financial operations related to the housing loans or contract with financial and banking institutions for this purpose.
  10. Any other housing services the Council sees fit to achieve the goals of the establishment.


Establishment's Capital

Item (7)

The Establishment's capital is estimated of 12 billion AED government financed.

Board of Directors

Item (8)

The Board of Directors Will Administrate the Establishment through the President, Vice president and number of members assigned by the ruler for a 3-year term applicable to extension.

Board of Directors' commitments

Item (9)

The Board of Directors are the highest authority of the Establishment and through that, it will steer:

  1. Outline the general strategy of the Establishment and supervise its execution.
  2. Consider the housing applications and reach a decision regarding them.
  3. Approve the loans, acquiring and withdrawing the housing services as per the conditions stated in this law and regulations issued accordingly.
  4. Approve annual budget and financial statements.
  5. Define loan sums and financial grants issued by the Establishment.
  6. Contracting Companies and Establishments and other entities to execute the residential projects or to manage financing them.
  7. Form permanent or temporary subcommittees to help accomplish its objectives and define its tasks and jurisdiction. These subcommittees' decisions must be approved by the BOD for execution.
  8. Issue regulations and laws required to organize the Establishments' operations and its offered services.
  9. Delegate the CEO to execute some of the BOD jurisdictions.
  10. Any other tasks and commitments related to the Establishment.

Board of Directors Meetings

Item (10) 

  1. The BOD hold its meetings with an invitation from the president at least once every 2 months and as the need arises, and the meetings are complete with majority members attending with the presence of the president or vice president, and the board releases decisions with majority of attending member's votes. And in case of equal votes, the president's side wins.
  2. The minutes of the meetings are recorded and signed off by the meeting leader and attendees.
  3. The Board can assign who they see eligible to attend its meetings from experts and specialists without accounting their votes.


Item (11)

  1. ​The Establishment's Administration is run by a CEO through the BOD's decision.
  2. The CEO will execute the following commitments:

 1. Suggest strategic plans for the Establishment and get BOD approval.
 2. Apply general policy and decisions passed by the Board.
 3. Prepare annual budget project for the Establishment and fiscal accounts and have them approved by the board.
4. Suggest the executive agenda for this law and submit to Board for approval.
5. Suggest initiatives, programs and projects that are related to the Establishment's objectives and operations.
6. Assign employees for the Establishment and manage them and execute decisions to their regards.
7. Represent the Establishment.
8. Handle all what is required for the daily operations of the Establishment.
9. Execute any jurisdictions assigned to him by the Board.

3. The CEO can delegate any of his decided powers as per this law to whom he sees suitable of the Establishment's employees aside from his delegated obligations by the Board.

Land deed

Item (12)

The Establishment is entitled to first mortgage to its benefit from the lands and real estates that are designated for residential services and financed by it, as well as the houses that are purchased through the Establishment's financing as well as take any legal procedure it sees necessary to protect its rights.

Housing services approval conditions

Item (13)

  1. The executive list to this law decided the eligibility for this service.
  2. The Ruler's decision or the CEO's can be an exception of any of these eligibility conditions to this service.


Item (14)

Applications to obtain the housing services are according to the Establishments forms designed for this purpose and complete with all the requirements. The Establishment can request any documents it sees necessary to verify the accuracy of the information stated in the application and all shall be reviewed and studied as per the executive list for this law.

Prohibitions of housing services

Item (15)

  • The beneficiary and his heirs are prohibited to transfer housing or land deed unless with the Ruler's approval.
  • Housing and lands to be handled by the beneficiary and his heirs as per the executive list for this law.
  • Every transaction or agreement against the regulations and laws of this item will be provoked and will not be registered or carry any legal effect whether at the Establishment or other.

    Financial loans

    Item (16)

    Financial loans are given to beneficiaries through a contract with the Establishment stating the sum of the loan, term to settle and guarantees and any other conditions the Establishment see fit.


    Financial loan settlement

    Item (17)

    Settling the loan will be through monthly installments set per the estimations and calculations to its law with regards to the beneficiary monthly income and that it will not exceed 25 years to settle the loan.


    Loan deduction stop

    Item (18)


  • The Board can stop deducting the monthly installments according to the loaner and his heirs' request to do so or postpone the payment or decreasing it in the case of the passing of the loaner or having a complete or partial disability that effected his income or had sudden circumstances stopping him from paying the loan.
  • The Establishment and as per the general benefit to insure the financial grants to the beneficiaries to cover the potential risks of beneficiary's disability to settle the loan amount for any reason.
  • The ruler can waiver any beneficiary to pay loans fully or partially.


    Loan Due

    Item (19)

    The loan given to the beneficiary becomes due (or what is remaining) after three payment delays. And the Establishment has the authority to his money of what is in the loan sum or the delayed payments in case no agreement has been reached with the beneficiary as per a board resolution in this regards and an executive issue to be executed via Dubai Courts Execution department. The judge's decisions then are final and not subject for appeal or dispute by the beneficiary.


    Housing Service Withdraw

    Item (20)

  1. In addition to demanding the beneficiary of his financial obligations that are in his debt to the Establishment, the board can withdraw the housing service from him in the following conditions:1.​
    1. ​​ Submitting false data or cheating or applying counterfeit documents in time of obtaining the housing service.
    2. Commit any of the acts or legal actions in item (15) in this law.
    3. Beneficiary missing on any of the conditions for the housing services.
  2. The non-compliant beneficiary should return the housing service which he obtained within 30 days of the withdrawal decision and in case of not complying, the law will be executed through Dubai courts department of execution and what the judge's rules in this regards is final and non-refutable for appeal by the beneficiary.
  3. The beneficiary cannot benefit from any other housing service for 3 years from date of withdrawal.


Item (21)

With not exceeding the harshest sanction of any other law, imprisonment of not less than a year and not more than two and a penalty of no less than 50,000 derhams and not more than 100,000 derhams or with one of these penalties to any contractor, consultant engineer or any other individual proved in agreement with the beneficiary to obtain the housing service without any right or to use for the purpose it was designed for.

Legal Enforcement Officers

Item (22)

The Establishment employees that are nominated by the CEO to be the legal officers and investigate activities that violate any of the laws protocols and resolutions in regards and in this role to conduct the necessary reports.


Government reliability

Item (23)

The Government is not responsible for any debts or obligations resulted from the establishment's operations or its activities of any of the jurisdictions and responsibilities stated in this law and regulations.

The Establishment's capital

Item (24)

The Establishment's capital is considered a public money with advantage to any mortgage or guarantee and must be obtained in priority before any other right, except for judicial expenses.

Financial Sources for the Establishment

Item (25)

The financial sources for the Establishment come from:

  • Support from the government of assets: liquid and property.
  • Returns of the activities it runs.
  • Charities and donations and any sources approved by the executive board.


    The Establishment fiscal year

    Item (26)

    The Establishment apply in its accounts and records the commercial accounting principles and starts the fiscal year in January and ends it in 31st of December of each year.


    Laws Issuance

    Item (27)

    The CEO issues the required decisions to execute this law.



    Item (28)

  1. This law replaces item (20) for year 2006 and its amendments with the Establishment's foundation.
  2.  Any syntax stated in any other law/item is canceled in case of it is not accordingly.
  3. The regulations and current laws by the Establishment prior applying this law, continues to the point where it does not conflict with this law until legislation are issued to take their place.

Abiding by Law

Item (29)

This law will be published in the official newsletter and applicable from day of announcement.

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