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Mathkhor system is one of the  initiatives  to build the clients' awareness  of the importance of savings prior to considering purchasing a house and it helps the client to build savings for down payment to help lessen the house mortgage or building cost.​

Housing Saving system Incentives :

The Establishment gives prizes to the clients that follow this path by registering to the Housing Saving system :
  1. ​Prioritizing their applications as the request process is clear from the date of registration until the service is granted to the date of closing the file.
  2. The eligibility to have benefits such as higher finance value.
  3. Longer installment period to financing or housing through the Establishment.
  4. Enlist the participants in the savings system for monthly draw that the second party runs for a million dirham prize, where the participant can​ benefit of a chance for every 10 dirhams saved that has not been wired to the second party.

Mathkhor Objective

The system aims for the participants to build the habit of saving part of their monthly income up to 5 years and this is the waiting period to get a housing finance, which enables them to be in a better finance situation to obtain the financing and start the housing building project or purchase a ready house.


Process Procedure

Client will register in the saving system prior the request evaluation and after passing the necessary saving period and it could take from 3 to 5 years initially and can take longer.


Service Process

Sta​​​ge 1:

  • Apply request and documents at the Client Service Center for the first party from representatives from the second party through Website, Call service or Client service center of the second party

Sta​​ge 2:

  • Evaluation and agreement by the second party as per terms and conditions pre established by the first party

Sta​​​ge 3:

  • Paying monthly installments through direct income deduction or bank account or credit card.

Stag​e 4:

  • Completing the program and acquiring the housing finance or house with prize including what is required to close file at the second party and submit to first party.


Applicants General Conditions​

  1. Applicant has an Emirati passport and Civil record issued by Dubai Emirate.
  2. Applicant is not older than 60 years (Gregorian)
  3. Applicant has steady income (government or private)
  4. Applicant for spouse has not previously benefited by any government entity local or federal.
  5. Applicant's income is not less than (10,000AED) or more than (70,000AED)
  6. Applicant is married. Singles are not considered.​
  7. Female citizens married to non citizen as per the stated conditions, to be married for 5 years or more and has 2 sons or more holding Dubai issued passports.
  8. ​Divorced females as per the stated conditions, to have proof of custody and civil status certificate from the court.
  9. Widowed females as per stated conditions, to have proof of child support and civil status certificate from the court.
  10. It is not mandatory that any of the conditions stated is a must for obtaining the service but it entails all future conditions as per terms and regulations and decisions in time of eligibility for the service.​

To visit the web page, kindly click the link : Mathkhor

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