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محمد بن راشد للإسكان تؤتمت 3 خدمات
Mohammed bin Rashid Housing automates 3 services
The Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment has successfully completed the project of automating 3 housing services in the Maintenance and Technical Services Department, which is considered a strong push towards aligning service procedures with the latest technical developments, enhancing the ability to complete transactions and raising the level of services provided to customers.

Engineer Fatima Al-Suwaidi, Head of Maintenance Department at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment: «The main goal of automating housing services is to harness technology for the benefit of the customer and citizen, without the need for personal review of the institution, in order to ensure the institution to achieve the greatest possible degree of facilitation and procedural simplification of The Customer ».

Al Suwaidi explained: "The 3 housing services include the service of" disbursement of payments "which the institution transformed into an electronic service by 80%, and it is intended to convert it to electronic by 100% during the first quarter of this year, noting that the number of payments that were implemented through this service during Last year, it reached 495 batches. ”

She stated: «The second service is« Simplified Technical Reports », which are those that engineers prepare for housing, and they send it to the concerned department in the institution, via the iPad. She explained that the automation of the simplified reporting service reached 100%, confirming that it saves time and effort on engineers during the completion of their work, in addition to achieving an increase in productivity ».

As for the third automation, according to Al-Suwaidi, it was in the internal division system to automate all departmental procedures, and it will be ready by the end of this year, and it is expected that it will lead to faster business completion and better follow-up. The department will assist in the transition to the smart services system and digital transformation.

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