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310 موافقات قروض أصدرتها «محمد بن راشد للإسكان»
310 loan approvals issued by «Mohammed bin Rashid Housing

Noura Al Khaja, Director of Grant and Loans Department at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment, told Al-Bayan: “310 housing loans were approved during the first quarter of this year, and they included 212 housing construction loans, 14 prefab housing purchases owned by the institution, and 21 purchase loans Prefabricated house not owned by the institution, 59 maintenance or addition loans, and 4 "easy rent" apartment loans.Ready residenceShe added: “The ready-made home loan service allows the customer to purchasea ready-made home by paying the full value of the home within the projects supervised by the establishment, while the building housing loan service allows the customer to obtain a non-profit loan of 750,000 dirhams as a maximum for the purpose of building a private home on the plot of land Granted free housing with a commitment to build during a specified period.Al-Khaja stated: “The maintenance, addition or replacement loan allows the customer to obtain a non-profit loan of 300,000 dirhams as a maximum for the purpose of maintaining the existing housing or adding to it or partial replacementor a total replacement of 750,000 dirhams as a maximum.She pointed out that the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment provides a smart matrix of housing services, such as "the implementation of housing."Which shortens the time period for issuing approvals for requests submitted to the limits of the month, as there are no waiting lists for the entry of housing service applicants, and obtaining approvals from the various committees concerned with each service, and this matrix would reduce the period of time of the requests submitted period significantly, and take advantage of the capabilities On artificial intelligence and its uses, which is reflected in enhancing customer happiness.Electronic servicesShe noted that the "housing" application receives all grant services and housing loans, which include grant services for residential lands, financial assistance, housing units, maintenance, addition, or replacement, as well as building and housing unit loan services, maintenance, addition, or replacement.She added that these services would suit citizens' aspirations, perceptions and needs, with a view to achieving family stability, which reflects on society and happiness, while the Foundation is constantly keen on developing services provided to the public so that they are fully automated, especially as paper transactions require a lot of time and effort From the dealers and employees to fulfill the submitted requests, and that this electronic transformation, which the 
institution has devoted through the launch of smart services, has raised many burdens of review and waiting.Loan exemptionsBeneficiaries can obtain exemptions from paying housing loans, as the institutionhas approved some cases that can apply for an exemption to customer service, where its requests are examined after completing the required documents, to prove that there are no other incomes for the beneficiary where the salary certificate and health certificates are presented.While these beneficiary cases include the citizen whose monthly income has stopped or decreased, which led to his inability to pay the loan installments, or the beneficiary suffered an injury that made him totally or partially incapacitated, which led to a reduction in his financial income, or referral to retirement, up to The death of the beneficiary and the heirs' inability to pay the remaining loan installments.

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