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"محمد بن راشد للإسكان" تنهي دراسة طلبات إعفاء من القروض بقيمة 17 مليوناً و721 ألف درهم
"Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing" "ends the study of requests for loan exemption with a value of 17 million and 721 thousand dirhams

The Board of Directors of the Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment, headed by His Excellency Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Shaibani, Chairman of the Board of Directors, announced the completion of the study of 47 requests to exempt citizens from paying the remaining housing loans to them with a value of 17 million and 721 thousand dirhams.

Sami Abdullah Gargash, Executive Director of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment, stressed that the Foundation is doing its best to study the requests submitted to clients for loan exemption and the speed of deciding them, according to the conditions approved by the Board of Directors, noting that the total number of exemptions in the year 2019 reached 65 requests worth 22 million and 793 thousand dirhams.

For his part, Mohamed Hamid Al-Marri, Assistant Executive Director of the Financial and Institutional Support Sector, and the leader of the study team for requests to exempt from housing loans at the Corporation, affirmed the Foundation’s commitment to the criteria set by the Board of Directors in examining the requests represented in several criteria, the most important of which is the death of the loan owner or his health deficit or He reaches 60 years of age with a monthly income of less than 15,000 dirhams, in addition to the existence of high financial obligations for acceptable purposes according to the discretion of the members of the committee, and the absence of property in excess of the remaining amount of the institution’s loan, as well as the commitment to pay at least 50% of the loan’s value .
Al-Murri stated that it is not necessary to obtain the exemption that the applicant be retired or has a health deficit, but rather the sum of ratios and evaluation criteria that determine the result, explaining the cases presented to the committee and accepting its study, including: the death of the beneficiary and the inability of the heirs to pay the rest of the loan installments, injury The beneficiary with a health deficit (total or partial) that led to a decrease in his income, or the beneficiary exposed to urgent conditions that affected his ability to pay the loan installments, such as stopping or decreasing the monthly income and any other conditions estimated by the committee.
Al-Marri pointed out that in the event the request is rejected, the beneficiary or his heirs have the right to submit a new application after six months have passed from the date of the committee’s decision on their previous request in the event that there are reasons that have arisen on the request, stressing that the strategic goal of the institution is to achieve housing stability for the citizenship family, and to provide life Generous to citizens, by providing distinguished services.

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