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    • Apply for housing land
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    • Apply for Housing construction grant
    • Apply for housing Maintenance, Addition or Replacement (partial / whole) grant
    • Apply for apartment grant
    • Apply for a housing construction request on a relative’s land
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    • Apply for housing construction loan
    • Apply for housing purchase
    • Apply for housing Maintenance, Addition or Replacement (partial / whole) loan
    • Apply for housing unit loan from local market
    • Apply for housing unit rent
  • Complementary Services
    • Change Service from Housing purchase Loan to Housing Construction Loan
    • Cancel Approved Grant / Loan Application (under consideration)
    • Cancel In Progress Application (Grant / Loan)
  • To Whom It May Concern
  • Request For One Year Maintenance
  • Facilitation Program
  • Payment of Arrears of Installments Due
  • Apply For Early settlement
  • Apply For Liability Letter
  • Apply For Reducing the loan value
  • Apply For Update Customer Data
  • Self Financing Reward "Awad"
  • Business Services
    • Apply For Opening File for New Project
    • Apply For First Payment
    • Typical Villa
    • Apply For Running Payment
    • Apply For Retention Payment
    • Apply For Final Payment
    • Apply For Disbursement of construction loan payments / financial aid grant payments 750 thousand
    • Apply For Housing Maintenance, Addition and Replacement loan payments
    • Apply For To Whom It May Concern Letter for projects with percentage of achievement
    • Apply For Termination and suspension of current contractor
    • Apply For Letter Requesting Discount Price
  • Suppliers and Contractor
    • Suppliers Registration Services
    • Classification and the Nomination Guide for Suppliers
    • Supplier and Contractor Evaluation
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  • Housing Maintenance Status
  • Loan Calculator
  • Housing Cost Calculator

Apply For Disbursement of construction loan payments / financial aid grant payments 750 thousand

Description Payment settlements for construction loan/ grant obtainers
Target Audience Dubai citizens approved for housing serives ​​
Service Fee There are no fees for this service.
Service Channels Customer Happiness Center (Senior Emiratis & People of Determination), Website and Smart app
  • Icon17 Terms And Conditions
    The payment shall not be less than 10% of the loan value, the completion of the percentage covered by the difference amount, if any, and the completion of the file opening procedure
  • Icon18 Required Documents
    1- A letter of receiving the owner's share (if any / down payment)
    2- A valid contractor and consultant license (first batch)
    3- A letter from the bank with the contractor's account number (IBAN No) (down payment)
    4- Attach a color copy of the foundation plate (first batch)
    5- Fill out the payment application forms and the schedule of business ratios
    6- Estimated cost of electricity and water connection. (Final payment)
    7- Certificate of Completion issued by Dubai Municipality (final payment)
    8- Certificate of achievement issued by the institution (final payment)
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