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Typical Villas

Typical Villas

Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment introduces the “Typical Villas” initiative, which is summarized by providing fixed models of villas with different prices & sizes that suit the needs of different families, whether in terms of family size or financial capacity. The applicant must have an approval for housing assistance from MBRHE to build a house, in addition to a land in Dubai city. It has been agreed with a group of qualified contractors and suppliers to implement this initiative to ensure competitive prices as well as the speed and quality of delivery. MBRHE will be following up on these projects, so that the owner won’t incur the trouble of dealing with contractors, consultants and suppliers.


Kindly find the below designs of Typical Villas:
Model 1 Starting from AED 744,000 Image
Model 2 Starting from AED 789,000 Image
Model 3 Starting from AED 791,000 Image
Model 4 Starting from AED 808,000 Image
Model 5 Starting from AED 822,000 Image
Model 6 Starting from AED 835,000 Image
Model 7 Starting from AED 884,000 Image
Model 8 Starting from AED 905,000 Image
Model 9 Starting from AED 992,000 Image
Model 10 Starting from AED 1,155,000 Image
Model 11 Starting from AED 1,400,000 Image
Model 12 Starting from AED 1,425,000 Image
Model 13 Starting from AED 1,550,000 Image
Model 14 Starting from AED 1,565,000 Image
Model 15 Starting from AED 1,570,000 Image
Model 16 Starting from AED 1,595,000 Image
Model 17 Starting from AED 1,595,000 Image
Model 18 Starting from AED 1,675,000 Image
Model 19 Starting from AED 1,710,000 Image


Please visit the Typical Villa Center in Al Quoz for more information on designs.

TYPICAL Villa Center
Al Qouz 2 – MBRHE complex 

Working Hours:
Monday to Thursday 7:30am to 3:30pm
Friday: 7:30am to 11:30 am

Location map: 



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