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  • Request Opening File for New Project​ Request Opening File for New Project​
    • Description
      This to assign a contractor after the client sign the new housing loan with the Establishment. This requires to open a new project and assessment of the project through plans, technical requirements study and cost evaluation of sq foot execution and studying the contractors' project assessment as well as quantity and percentage of allocation on works list in compliance with architectural standards.
      Target Audience

      ​Dubai citizens approved for housing loan (building or maintenance or additions)​​

      Required Documents
      ​​1- Architectural drawings (including 1st page and horizontal axis and fronts) on A4

      2- Affection Plan
      3- Filed Report and New Building Permit for new contractor

      4- Demarcation Certificate

      5- In case of previous contractor, to submit the previous consultant's letter signed by the owner, clarifying cost and percentage of work done by the contractor.

      The following forms should be submitted to the establishment:​

      1- Fill​ t​he ​​​Download File Break Do​wn Table
      2- Fill the Download File Bill of Quantities​​​
      3- Fill the Download FileRetention undertaking / Low Price Form / MRHE role undertaking
      4- Fill the ​Download File Owner’s Scope Of Work
      5- ​Download File Fill the Percentage Of Work Done

      * In case no reference number is shown on the form, please update your Adobe reader
      Image, update your Adobe reader ​​

      Terms And Conditions


      Service Fee NA
      Service Procedures

      Image, Request Opening File for New Project​

      Service Direct Contact
      Call Center : 80030​
      Service Branches
      Customer Service Center + Mobile Application + Website
      Service Required Time NA
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