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  • Suppliers Registration Service Suppliers Registration Service
    • Description
      This service allows Suppliers to initiate their registration at the Establishment in accordance with such prescribed conditions under Law No. 6 of 1997 on Contracts of Government Departments in the Emirate of Dubai, as amended; thus, they may take part in tenders for assuming works or provision of services and supplies.
      This service is regulated by Contracts and Procurement Section at the Finance Department
      Target Audience


      • Suppliers.
      • Consultants
      • The service provider
      • Contractors
      Required Documents

      Entry to the Register shall be prompted on a request by the Suppliers, Contractors or Service Providers, who are required to provide the below information and pledge to report any future amendments thereon:

      • Commercial name, address, Post Office Box, E-mail, Telephone and Fax number.
      • Legal form as well as the license issued by the concerned authority.
      • Name of the concerned official/officials for contracts along with their specimen of signature.
      • Types of materials, works or services, subject matter of the deals.
      • Names of any assigned agencies that are officially registered at the concerned entities.
      • Previous experience as to works' execution with other entities; plus the size and type of works.
      • The company Memorandum of Association or any proof that the company is entirely owned by nationals or even has one or more national shareholders holding a minimum of 51% of the capital shares and capital value. It is also permissible for such incorporated companies within free zones or abroad to be registered; subject to the Establishment's need.
      • Any additional requirements as may be required by the department in accordance with its purposes and specialties.
      Note: In case that the Ref. No. is not shown on the form, kindly update your Adobe software version.صورة، تحديث نسخة برنامج Adobe​
      Terms And Conditions


      Companies, firms and establishments who wish to apply for registration shall fulfill the following requirements:

      1. They should be national firms or establishments in which nationals participate with a minimum share of 51% of the total capital.
      2. They have to be licensed by the concerned Parties.
      3. They should not be banned from participating in tenders or practices conducted by any Government departments.
      4. They should not be owned by one of MRHE employees or by ones with a first-degree private relation with the officers responsible for contracting and tenders.
      5. They should be registered in Tejari system, under category of "Suppliers of Goods and Products", to participate in such tenders that will be electronically invited for through the system.
      6. Contracts & Procurement Section should be informed through a written notification whenever a change is made in the information used for registration:
      1. Any changes in the name, address, location or the company activity.
      2. Change of sales manager or the concerned person.
      3. Any changes in bank account's details.
      4. Amend or change any other information or specialized items.
      Yearly, MRHE will evaluate the supplier, and it has the right to cancel his registration or exclude the same from any future participation.

      Service Fee N/A
      Service Procedures

      Suppliers Registration Services.png

      Service Direct Contact
      Call Center : 80030
      Service Branches
      Customer Service Center + Application "Smart Supplier"

      Service Required Time 5 working days
Last Modified 07/21/2020 08:44:38 AM

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