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      Client gets to obtain a discount between 3 to 42% off the housing loan (maximum up to 300,000AED) upon early loan settlement prior the 3 year term, as per the number of years pending to pay the loan.
      Target Audience
      ​Dubai citizens approved for housing loan (building or maintenance or additions).
      Required Documents
      Terms And Conditions
      1- That the loan get paid in full upon calculating the discounted sum.

      2- The loaner has completed the house or own the house he applied loan for.

      3- Pardon discounted sum does not exceed(300,000AED)

      4- Late payments are not considered for the discount.
      Service Fee NA
      Service Procedures

      Image, Early Settlement

      Service Direct Contact
      Call Center : 80030
      Service Branches

      Customer Service Center

      Service Required Time NA
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