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    • Description
      ​This service enables the client to obtain a non-profit loan amounting to (AED 750,000) in maximum to allocate a ready house from the residential complexes projects which are under construction and being supervised by the Establishment with no charge
      Target Audience

      Emirate of Dubai' citizens of income between (AED 15,000 -  AED 100,000) have the right to apply to this service.

      Required Documents

      1. Filling the application form (Housing service application form)Download File
      2. Emirate ID copy (With original)
      3. Passport copy demonstrating the file number (with the original)
      4. Copy of the Family Book with the last page (With original)
      5. Passport copy of children demonstrating the file number (Only for widows, divorced women, and wives of non nationals)
      6. Declaration of the continuity of marital relationship recently issued and certified (Unless the wife is added to the family book/ or the application is in the name of the wife)
      7. Copy of the divorce certificate (Divorced women only)
      8. Proof  certificate of custody or supporting children (Issued recently, less than six months, for widows and divorced women only)
      9. Current proof of civil status for females 18 and above years old (Only for widows, divorced women, and wives of non nationals)
      10. Decree of Distribution Certificate (for widows and single women who has no supporter
      11. Recently issued salary certificate from the employer or any evidence of other incomes. Such as trade licenses provided that the client shall be an owner therein + commercial licenses account statement certified from entity of issuance (Issued recently, less than six months)
      12. certified employment contract from the General Pension and Social Security Authority and the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation for the employees of the private sector (Issued recently, less than six months)
      13. Salary Certificate demonstrating the deceased person income (For widows only, Issued recently, less than six months)
      14. A recent certificate of financial obligations issued by the bank, to which the salary is transferred, in addition to any other creditor bank
      15. A bank statement for the last 6 months (For the private sector employees) and (3 months for the governmental sector employee)
      16. Copy of a valid rental contract or a proof of residence (If any).
      17.  Certificate or copy of the previous grant sale demonstrating the value and date of sale (certified by Dubai Land Department / For Grant users)
      18. A letter demonstrating the reason of the disposition with the documents ( for grant users category)
      19.  Monthly income certificate for the husband of the national woman married to non-national.
      Submit a letter from the bank stating the IBAN No. to register in Mathkhor Program.
      Terms And Conditions
      Service Fee N/A
      Service Procedures
      Service Direct Contact

      ​​Call Center : 80030

      Service Branches

      Customer Service Center + Mobile Application + Website
      Service Required Time N/A
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