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 People of Determination Charter

Out of the keenness of Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment and in continuous with its permanent principle of supporting the people of determination (Employees/visitors) as well as protecting their rights and enroll them in the society and out of its non-stop seeking towards providing the best services, Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment has launched the People of Determination Charter which aims at confirming the Establishment's commitment of supporting the People of Determination.

This Charter was formed by referring to the principles, directives, and regulations set out in the special decree issued regarding the establishment of Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment and the Federal Law No. 29 of 2006 on the Rights of People of Determination, as well as the Dubai Strategy for the People of Determination 2020 for providing them with all the services within the limits of their capabilities and grant them the welfare. The charter was also designed by perusing the best international practices and benchmarking in this regard with making sure to involve the concerns of the higher management, staff, visitors, and the Establishment's strategic partners in reviewing, assessing, and modifying this Charter in order to ensure its continuous progress.

The Charter stipulates that:

First: Charter's Principles:

1.     People of Determination shall be equal with their pairs, without any bias between them in all laws, regulations, rules, and programs of the Establishment in all fields.

2.     They shall have the priority in all employment programs that suits their medical condition and to enable them to carry out their tasks perfectly and providing them with all the necessary methods to perform their duties while applying all the rules of Human Resources.

3.     To encourage the employees of People of Determination to continue their studies and provide with the necessary matters to do the same.

4.     To enable People of Determination to reach the entire Establishment's facilities and buildings.

5.     To develop their skills, make them equal with others, and to set out a special work plan to train the Establishment's employees of the People of Determination in order to develop and refine their skills.

6.     To encourage the Establishment's employees of the People of Determination to take the first step, be creative, and to lead the work team.

7.     To continuously communicate and work with various government entities in order to coordinate with them for protecting the rights of People of Determination.

8.     To support the People of Determination programs and community initiatives all over UAE.

Second: Services Provision:

1.     Visitors of People of Determination have privileges that give them the priority to obtain accommodation where the Establishment shall bear all the expenses to furnish the accommodation in order to meet the needs of the People of Determination free of charge.

2.     Providing free transportation for Establishment's visitors of the People of Determination to the building of the Establishment, in any time during the Establishment's working hours.

3.     Designing the internal and external website and all the smart applications of the Establishment so that it suits the needs of the People of Determination by applying the international practices in this field.

Executive Director

Issue No.: 1                                                                                                              Date: January 29, 2018     

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