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Client that has ready housing of Mohammed Bin Rashid's Housing projects can use the Housing application SOUN to manage and administrate all service and maintenance operations of his own house within a year's guarantee - With ease at anytime anywhere 24/7


Main Services:

  1. ​Apply for several maintenance services
  2. Notification of all dysfunctions and technical issues in the ready house.
  3. Option to send picture of dysfunctions and maintenance issues and description
  4. Maintenance review and process follow up and technical support appointment show up
  5. View housing warranties and expiration dates and manufacturer's information
  6. Guidance and awareness messages and housing maintenance instructions
  7. Client's ability to set contractors' maintenance date
  8. Partner's services and offers
  9. ​Contractors information
  10. Listing of new housing violations
  11. Ability to assign other users for the same housing-housing
  12. Save the coordinates of the geographical location of the home
  13. Ability to cancel maintenance request by client
  14. Activate federal registration with Dubai Gov. : MY ID
  15. Apply for emergency maintenance requests


​Application Download Channels:

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