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What Are Your Preferred Channels Of Communication To Learn More About MBRHE services?


chief executive officer

Omar Hamad BuShehab

Chief Executive Officer
Assistant CEO Engineer

Mohammad Hassan AlShehhi

Housing sector CEO Assistant
Assistant CEO of Housing

Talal Mohamed Al Ali

Support Sector CEO Assistant Acting
Senior Director of Strategy

Maryam Abdulla Al Suwaidi

Strategy and Development Department
Senior Director of Contracts

Abdulla Abdelrahim Al Harmoudi

Investment Management
Senior Director of Smart Services

Talal Mohamed Al Ali

Digital Transformation Department
Senior Director of Corporate Communication and Marketing

Haitham Abdulrahman Alkhaja

Communication and Marketing Department
Senior Director of Finance Affairs

Ahmed Essa Al Kandri

Support Services Department
Senior Director of Projects Engineering

Abdulla Ahmad Alshihi

Project Engineering Department
Senior Director of Client Happiness

Noora Mohammad Alremeithi

Client Happiness Department
Senior Office Manager of Internal Audit

Sara Ibrahim Al Madani

Internal Audit and Risk Management Office
Senior Office Manager of Chief Executive

Rashid Abdulla Bin Dalmook

Chief Executive Office
Senior Office Manager of Legal Affairs

Muneer Shafiq Eid

Legal Affairs Office
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