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Green House

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Green Residence

A housing 1004 of Barsha Project and it is a traditional module of 4 bedrooms that the Establishment has modified into a typical green residence through applying green sustainable systems and residential smart solutions such as control, function and surveillance systems as well as involving and contribution of 16 Companies in various specializations.

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Green and Power Supply Systems in Typical Green Residence

  • Apply Green Mat system in planting green surfaces on the building’s rooftop which consists multiple layers of medium thickness of 25 cm and which is an additional shield and thermal insulation to the residence of sun heat and in turn decrease the energy to cool it.
  • Planting partially the residential front to beautify the design.
  • Wastewater treatment which is about 55-75% of total waters from the residency and turn it to water suitable for irrigation through a concrete tank to treat the water underground in the backyard garden of the house equipped with all necessary electomechanics connections, to supply 30-40% of water.
Green House Image 07
  • Use green concrete in water tanks as well as special insulation material in the concrete to stop using the regular betamine insulator.
  • Samsung green conditioning decreases energy through various speeds compressor and environment friendly cooling gas.
  • Have all inner and outer lighting of led for energy saving.
  • Install main solar heater (Ariston) on roof top for water heating.
  • Install water purifying system for drinking to clarify it from any residue through a special unit to water meter as well as the ground water tank of the house.
Green House Image 06
  • Apply heat reflection and insulation environment friendly paint (super therm) of 250 mc thickness (15-20 cm) of glass wool protector, and it reflects 95% of sunrays which saves 20-70% of energy. This paint is fire and decay & fungus resistant as well as insulate 50-68% of sound waves.
  • Smart systems for energy saving through lighting and conditioning timing controls and surveillance:
  • Ground floor system through central control panel and sub ones in each room with motion sensory. This system controls the inner and external lighting, air conditioning units, curtains and other equipments at the house in addition to a sound system.
Green House Image 03
  • Upper floor system through wireless system that has a central control panel that doesn’t need any changes in electrical wiring or keys or air conditioning thermostat but instead it operates on the wireless waves between equipments while controlling the lighting, air conditioning, toilet ventilation fans, curtains and any other equipment in the house along the surveillance camera.
  • The green residence is equipped with smart fire alarm 24x7 in coordination with civil defense department as this alarm is connected to the defense operation unit directly.
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