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  • Grants
    • Apply for housing land
    • Apply for housing grant
    • Apply for Housing construction grant
    • Apply for housing Maintenance, Addition or Replacement (partial / whole) grant
    • Apply for apartment grant
    • Apply for a housing construction request on a relative’s land
  • Loans
    • Apply for Readymade Housing loan
    • Apply for construction loan
    • Apply for housing purchase
    • Apply for housing Maintenance, Addition or Replacement (partial / whole) loan
    • Apply for housing unit loan from local market
    • Apply for housing unit rent
  • Complementary Services
    • Change Service from Housing purchase Loan to Housing Construction Loan
    • Cancel Approved Grant / Loan Application (under consideration)
    • Cancel In Progress Application (Grant / Loan)
  • To Whom It May Concern
  • Request For One Year Maintenance
  • Facilitation Program
  • Payment of Arrears of Installments Due
  • Apply For Early settlement
  • Apply For Liability Letter
  • Apply For Reducing the loan value
  • Apply For Update Customer Data
  • Self Financing Reward "Awad"
  • Business Services
    • Apply For Opening File for New Project
    • Apply For First Payment
    • Apply for Typical Villa
    • Apply For Running Payment
    • Apply For Retention Payment
    • Apply For Final Payment
    • Apply For Disbursement of construction loan payments / financial aid grant payments 750 thousand
    • Apply For Housing Maintenance, Addition and Replacement loan payments
    • Apply For To Whom It May Concern Letter for projects with percentage of achievement
    • Apply For Termination and suspension of current contractor
    • Apply For Letter Requesting Discount Price
  • Suppliers and Contractor
    • Suppliers Registration Services
    • Classification and the Nomination Guide for Suppliers
    • Supplier and Contractor Evaluation
  • Application Status
  • Housing Maintenance Status
  • Loan Calculator
  • Housing Cost Calculator



Meet Rashid

Our 3D printed robot with a handful of features, specifically designed and engineered to help out on your needs.

Artificial intelligence has always helped to develop the service performance of the organization more accurately and quickly.


Environment Awareness

Rashid is aware of its surroundings, if it sees or detects that you are standing nearby and not sure on how to go, it will approach you and offer useful suggestions.


Facial Recognition

Taking the advantage of using the latest technology, Rashid is also equipped with facial sensor that can recognize and log you in to the system with just by looking at it.


Voice Recognition

Aside from facial recognition, Rashid can also recognize your voice, and from there on you can make it perform several tasks by telling it what you need.


Perform a lot of useful tasks

Since it is designed to help you ease your concerns with the institution. Whether you are applying for a certificate, submitting a certificate, looking for your financial statements or contractor payments Rashid can definitely help you out with the process.

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